About Us

Plum Village Restaurant is one of the few authentic Hakka restaurants still standing in Singapore today. Located in the sleepy neighbourhood of Sembawang Hills along Upper Thomson Road, this family style restaurant serves up heart-warming food that is definitely sure to stir up feeling of stir up nostalgia. to prepared by the owner.

Plum Village Restaurant was started in 1983 by Mr Lai Fak Nian, a true blue Hakka.

The Hakka were originally nomads from the northern regions of China. In historical times, they were uprooted from their homelands, and forced to move south in five major exoduses. The majority of Hakkas eventually settled in the area around Guangzhou, in Canton province. Their famous settlements, with their unique architectural style, can still be seen in Canton, Teochew, Shenzhen, and the New Territories (SAR). The Hakka lived on challenging terrain, and had to work hard to support themselves. They cooked whatever the land provided, thus developing a cuisine that was versatile and down-to-earth. Their diet consisted mainly of carbohydrates, salt and oil, to provide the necessary energy. As they also needed to travel long distances, they would prepare rice cakes or other food to sustain them for the journey. Meat was scarce during much of Hakka history, and was eaten only on festive occasions.